• Before attending therapy,I was totally in a confused state and approached sir hesitantly and after I reached his place and spoke to him for few minutes I was surprised that I started feeling comfortable and found him very cool and confident.After the initial consultation, I felt completely relieved and today I am a very confident person with the help of his guidance.I learnt here that we can overcome most of the problems using our inner strength. — MRS ALICE
  • I feel very fortunate that I was under your treatment.Your guidance has really helped me a lot and am feeling very confident now.I am able to do all my work with greater enthusiasm.I am enjoying everything I am doing these days.Thank you very much sir. — MR VENKAT
  • I always had a problem when it used be Saturday or Sunday.But now,there is nothing like Saturday or Sunday blues.Its all in the mind.Your therapy is magical .I am feeling light and can feel a change.Thank you sir. — MR SUDARSHAN
  • After meeting and talking to you, I felt very comfortable and I developed the hope that I will be able to manage my own self better than before.Your therapy has really helped me understand my inner strength. — MISS SHANTI
  • Before attending therapy I was suffering from anxiety disorder.I was on medication but still something used to disturb me and make me feel miserable. But after attending therapy I learnt that to overcome anxiety, I will have to face it and start fighting it. Now I find it very comfortable to overcome it.Your therapy has taught me as to how to be a winner over anxiety.I feel very happy now.thank you very much Sir. — MADAM LALITHA


“Siddhimind is the power of the mind which helps one achieve success, accomplishment, and perfection in anything one does.”